Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Noon Year's Eve"

We went to the zoo and at noon they celebrated the "noon year". We had sparkling apple cider and danced with radio disney. The kids had a lot of fun together.

Hates hights.

Ty is touching the shark.

Zoo Day!

Christmas pics.

Here are some pictures from the Sunday before Christmas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I was in a spin class after the new year and the teacher was talking about new year's resolutions. I hadn't really thought of what I wanted my resolution to be. I mean I wanted the usual lose weight, eat healthier, be a better person, but not specifics. So she started to expand on what she was doing for the new year. She began by using one word. Many of us yelled out "change". She said "Remember". This hit home for me. Perfect for the new year. Instead of thinking about what I was going to do new, I was focusing on what I already new and remembering to actually do it. Some of the parts to remember were:

who you are
What you have been taught
Family comes first
Play with your kids
you are worth it so,
-eat healthy
-drink more water
you can do anything
it doesn't last forever
nuture your relationships
and so on.....

I have been forcusing on one or two each day and writing them down with my thoughts after them. This has really helped me to focus on what is important and what will get me to where I ultimately want to be both temporal and spiritual.

The Birth of Christ

At the Ramsey's home the tradition is to act out the birth of Christ. This year Tae was a wise man, Ellie was the angel, Livi was the shepard, and Jaren was an animal of some kind. The picture of him didn't come out. The kids love it and the parents love to watch it. Grandpa narrates it and the kids play their part. Laura's family, Curt's and Debi's were in it also. We had a lot of fun getting together as a family.


Livi's preschool party.

We went trick-or-treating with the Arnett's at grandma and grandpa's.

Ellie is Hanna Montana, Jaren is a vampire, Livi a poodle, Tae a lady bug, and me a kitty.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day at G-ma and G-pa Curran's house. Tae just couldn't smile and look up to save her life. So this is her.

I Made it... 3 Days, 60 Miles

In front of our tent. It was so cold at night. Thank goodness the showers were hot and unlimited water.

This is the opening day at 7:00 a.m. Kristy and I were READY.

Kristy and I made our goals for the three days. Mine was to keep walking no matter what.

We did it. We raised $2200.00, walked 60 miles, and completed our goal we set. It was a fantastic feeling to cross that finish line together. Then in the closing ceremonies we rejoined our family and friends. The support was great. All together it raised 5 million and 2000 people walked. I was so appreciative for all those who supported me in this adventure.

It's Potty time!!!

This by far has to be the worst stage for toddlers. I can't wait till it is over. We are just introducing it to her and this is the one and only time she has ever sat on it. We try everyday and her response is "uh no". We keep trying though and will be so happy when this is over.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walk for Hope

We walked the Phoenix Zoo for the breast cancer City of Hope. It was great weather and nice scenery at the zoo. In the end they gave us medals of completion. It was great to walk with my mom and bond together. This was a little prep walk for the 3-day. It is in 6 weeks. If you still want to donate go to the3day.org, put in my name and donate. I just have $140.00 left to make it to $2200.00. I can't believe I am almost there. Thanks for those who have helped.

Kids Club at the mall

Watching Dewper sing fun songs.

Tae gets a ride on the Merry-Go-Round.
Kerry and Riley riding the reindeer.

Such a cutie

Now this is a sport I love

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tae's belly looks like E.T.

Family Weekend

Brig, Jenn, and Rell stopped by for a visit on their way home from Hilton Head. We all got together for some family fun. Brig and fam. let us in on their new arrival that will be coming in March. We are so excited for another baby to join the family. They are thinking it might be a girl, although Brig told me after watching Tae have a tantrum that if they have a girl they will not have anymore (should I be offended). It was a great time swimming at night and catching up on life.

Zach, Ellie, and Liv night swimming.

Tae and Relly playin'. Guido with the stache.
Zach, Ellie, Jaren, Justin, and Liv's head
Good Buds
Livi the little swimmer who about three weeks ago gave up the floaties and swims the whole pool alone. She is a true fish. She even jumps in and swims around.